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KASS-MSO offers a comprehensive selection of services to support independent practitioners. We specialize in patient billing, accounting, and EHR techology that includes hardware, software, wireless local area network, managed wide area network, data storage and retrieval, help desk and more! We take care of the technology infrastructure that allows physicians and staff to be more productive and focused on patient care. Our dedicated "time shared" billers know how to collect money, and fast! Many of our primary care physician customers enjoy the benefits of our Medicare Advantage contracting initiatives. Of equal importance is our commitment to regulatory compliance with federal laws such as the Health Insurance Portabilitiy and Accountability Act and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act.

Would you like to have a low-cost, no-obligation practice assessment? Speak to one of our principals by giving us a call at 636-225-5445 or drop an email to
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